• Custom Application Development
    Architecture, Development, Testing and Support of custom applications of our clients using the most recent technology that meets your respective requests.
  • Training
    You have the talent. You want a career that allows you to work with leading-edge technologies and among the best in the industry. Most of all, you want to develop your career at your own pace under the guidance of experts or for career enhancement. We at iTap Solutions Limited, enforce a business philosophy that values your interests, expertise, experience, open communication and teamwork. We wish to have you on board in order to have your skills enhanced in our applications, office applications and applicaton developers.

Hardware and Infrastructure

  • Structured Cabling (Voice & Data)
    We have vast experience in the installation, termination and testing of CW1308, CAT5 and CAT6 cables, and our engineers are trained in cable management as well as termination onto IDC Strips. All of our work is labelled and tested to the relevant standards and documentary evidence of testing is provided upon completion of all works.
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  • Surveillance(CCTV)
    An Analog Surveillance Camera begins with a CCD sensor and then digitizes the image for processing. But before it can transmit the video, it needs to convert it back to analog so it can be received by an analog device, such as a video monitor or recorder. Unlike IP cameras, analog have no built-in web servers or encoders and require no technical maintenance. These functions are implemented in the recording and/or control equipment.

    IP Cameras are cameras that are installed onto your existing Computer Network and allow you to view a stream of images, live or recorded, either on your Intranet or via the Internet. Some Cameras come with their own internal memory while others back up to a hard drive located within your IP (Internet Protocol) network.

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  • Access Control & Intelligent Security Systems

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  • Environmental Monitoring Solutions
    We provide our clients with solutions that will monitor the status of your data centre assets/components. Such solutions are:
    • Humidity Sensor
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Water Sensor
    • Voltage Sensor
    • Air-flow Sensor
    • Motion Sensor

    Administrators are alerted electronically immediately your facilities/assets are faced with predefined situations termed as dangerous. These solutions eventually extend the life of your expensive data center assets and prevents unusual equipment downtime.

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  • Electrical Services
    We provide our clients with licensed master electricians specific to powering your IT infrastructure and workspace. Installation, Design, Repair, and Maintenance of the following :
    • Data Center - Under Floor /Over Head Power Distribution to all Racks, Cabinets
    • U.P.S.- Uninterruptable Power Supply systems to deliver power and ensure continuous electrical usage to Critical Business Operation systems
    • Pathways and Spaces- Complete Cable Tray
    • DC Power- Distribution and power cabling from Main DC Supply to Cabinet